Restoration & Storm Damage

Minnesota HailMinnesota gets its fair share of bad weather and that can sometimes leave your home damaged. Torrential rains, heavy snow, gale force winds and hail can all cause considerable damage. Sometimes the weather element doesn’t even seem like much but the damage left in its wake can be surprising.

Storm, Hail and Wind Damage

Damage from storms causes billions of dollars of damage every year with the vast majority of it occurring in the spring. While heavy rains can cause flooding and sewer problems in some areas, most storm damage that adversely affects homeowners comes from hail and wind.

These forces can cause small amounts of damage, so small in fact, the untrained eye may not be able to detect the damage. In other cases, the damage can be quite severe and very obvious. In either case, the smart move is to call an exterior building contractor with experience in restoration and storm damage.

What Will a Restoration Contractor Do?

Following a storm, a restoration contractor will inspect your property and make an assessment of your siding, roof and windows. He will work up a quotation for making repairs that details the cost of materials, labor costs and a time frame for the work to be completed. In many cases, the contractor will work directly with your insurance company so you have one less thing to worry about.

Once hired, the restoration contractor will commence with the repairs which may be as simple as patching the roof to replacing it entirely. If your home has siding or window damage, these will be addressed as well. Often, insurance companies will pay portions of the claim to the contractor once he has completed various stages of the work. Your insurance company can explain their practices to you.

What If the Damage Is Minor?

You may not be able to tell that your home, especially your roof, has sustained damage. A trained roofing contractor will be able to spot the indentations and ‘bruises’ left by hail. He will be able to tell if an extraordinary amount of your shingles’ asphalt granules have been battered away. This type of damage doesn’t mean your roof will start leaking tomorrow necessarily but it does mean that your shingles have incurred damage that will shorten their useful life. Rather than functioning for the remainder of their usual; 30 year warranty, they will age prematurely due to the damage and give out sooner.

Many insurance companies won’t cover a claim for hail damage beyond a certain window of time. It is best to have the damage taken care of now rather than waiting until it worsens and is no longer covered by insurance.

New Town Exteriors Is Your Restoration and Storm Damage Expert

Storms can have a devastating effect on your home and if you find yourself looking at a damaged roof or siding or if you aren’t sure you have sustained damage, you are going to want the most competent and reliable restoration team on your side. New Town Exteriors can help get your home back in shape with our experienced team of craftsman.

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