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What To Do When Hail Strikes

Minnesota hailstorms can come up suddenly, without warning and cause a great deal of damage. While windows, automobiles and siding can be damaged, it is usually the roof of your home that takes the brunt of the assault and you may not even be aware there is damage. So what should you when hail strikes? During the Storm If you have the chance, move your vehicle under cover and stay […]

How to Maintain Your Windows for a Long Life

One of the things you can do to keep your home in good condition is to perform regular window maintenance. This does several things. It keeps your property looking good. It helps keep the value of your home high. Proper maintenance can also contribute to significant energy savings – perhaps by as much as 30%. It can also help your windows last longer. Fortunately, window maintenance doesn’t take much time, […]

Which Siding Material Is Right for Your Minnesota Home

Choosing the right material for your home’s siding is a simple decision if you familiarize yourself with the benefits of each of the three most commonly used types: wood, Fiber cement and vinyl. Wood Siding Wood siding has been used for centuries because it is aesthetically pleasing and readily available. One advantage wood siding has over other materials it that if a problem arises with one board or section, it […]