5 Benefits of James Hardie Siding

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James Hardie is, without a doubt, the most popular siding manufacturer in America. This is not an easily won accolade. Years of product development, testing and performance have earned it that distinction. So why is it the number one fiber cement siding in the nation? It offers unparalleled benefits that other siding products simply cannot deliver. Here are 5 benefits of James Hardie siding to help you see why you should choose their siding for your home.

  • Fire Prevention

There is currently no building material that is impervious to fire.  Taking precautions to protect your home and its contents though can start by using James Hardie siding products. All of JH’s siding products are rated as being non-combustible. This means they will not ignite when exposed to an open flame. They do not contribute to fueling the fire, should one start. When coupled with interior wallboard rated for 1-hour, the homeowner has given himself some time to react in case of a fire.

  • Hurricane Resistance

Minnesota homeowners don’t typically see much in the way of hurricanes. Knowing that James Hardie siding can withstand the staggering wind speeds and the impact of debris and hail that accompany hurricanes can give any homeowner confidence. Impact damage from tornadoes, ice storms, thunderstorms and more will be minimal if any.

  • Moisture and Rot Protection

Rot can be a serious problem, particularly in moist, damp and humid areas. Water of any kind is a home’s worst enemy. James Hardie fiber cement siding is resistant to rot, in part because it five times thicker than traditional vinyl siding.

  • Green and Sustainable

James Hardie products are among the few siding products considered ‘green and sustainable’ throughout the industry. When you consider the level of beauty and durability the products offer in conjunction with their Earth-friendly status, these siding products are a win-win.

  • HardieZone® System - Engineered for Climate®

Every climate has its own set of weather conditions, James Hardie believes not all siding should be exactly the same for that reason. Their products have been developed through extensive engineering and research to withstand climates specific to where the products are installed. Every piece of siding installed on your Twin Cities home will deliver the performance attributes designed for this area.